Through Floor Lifts

Through floor lifts are a great new technology which improves the accessibility of any home. These home lifts make it easier to move between the different floors of your home. Home lifts allow people to move freely from floor to floor providing a sense of independence while knowing that they are still safe.

Elesse Home Lift

The Elesse home lift is a through floor lift designed to fit into your home. Unlike a stairlift, they are designed to carry two people comfortable. The space also allows for other items such a vacuum cleaner to fit inside or a family pet.

The Elesse home lift does not need to be majorly fixed to walls or floors and can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. The installation does not require major building work and can be put in a place most convenient for the home’s residents. Installation takes about two days and the lift comes with a two year parts and one year labour warranty.

Powered by a normal 13-amp power socket, just like any other household appliance, the Elesse lift is not draining on your home’s energy and is extremely compact and quiet. Taking up minimum space in The room, this through floor lift is a great alternative to a regular stairlift which can be obtrusive. The Elesse home elevator is available in a range of different colours and finishes.

  • Self-supporting structure – unique dual rail structure does not require load bearing walls

  • Self-contained drive mechanism – no need for external power packs

  • Smallest footprint of any lift – covers just 0.62 m² surface area

  • Plugs into normal 13 amp power socket – like all other household appliances

  • Versatile placement and fitting – our range of lifts can be positioned almost anywhere in the home

  • Quieter than any other through-floor lifts available

  • Optional extras available include cordless telephone, perch seat, grab rail, uninterruptible power supply and more

Contact A2B Stairlift Services Ltd for more information on the Elesse Home Lift.

VE Home Lift

The VE Home Lift is a very popular lift, with a two day install which includes builders work. The VE home lift complies fully with BS5900:2012. This home elevator is available in a choice of colours, finishes, and styles making it easier than ever to tailor a lift to suit your home.

The VE Home lift does not require a wall for installation meaning construction work is minimal. The easy installations ensures your home elevator is ready to enjoy within just a few days. This through floor lift comes with a lot of safety features and is requires very little maintenance. The lift can be installed pretty much anywhere and are typically placed in bedrooms and spare rooms for ease of access.

  • Free standing tracks eliminate the need for a load-bearing wall, wider choice of lift locations.

  • Delivered flat packed for ease of transport and entry into the home where the lift is assembled by Wessex trained engineers.

  • Door can be handed right or left to suit the user and the room.

  • Illuminated internal push button controls designed for ease of use.

  • Audible alarm with battery back-up for use in an emergency.

  • Sensors prevent movement if obstructed.

  • Rated load capacity of 250kg.

  • Wireless control for added convenience.

  • Power operated door.

The VE lift provides an elegant, high quality alternative to a traditional platform solution allowing you to stay in your home. The lift is compact, quiet and requires minimal space. With a number of colours and styles to choose from, you can customise you home elevator to match the design and interop of your home.

  • Space saving design (0.9sq m)

  • Future proofing home.

  • Keep stair ways clear of obstruction.

  • Can fit almost anywhere in a room.

  • Aesthetically pleasing design.

  • Standard compliant (BS 5900:2012).

  • Minimal building works.

  • Quiet hydraulics.

  • Smooth ride

  • Easy to operate.

For further details on the VE Home Lift contact us today

VM Home Lift

The VM Home Lift is extremely versatile and has 10 different size options. This means that it can suit a variety of customers no matter the size of your home. There are options to accommodate both able bloodied persons and wheelchair users.

The control for the VM lift are easy to use. If these are not suitable then other control options are available. It has the ability to be hidden away when not in sue, giving back valuable space in your home. This home elevator is designed to be used unaided which means anyone, including those in wheelchairs, can access the second floor of their home with ease and independence.

This highly functional through floor lift perfectly suited to be installed within any domestic dwelling. The VM model comes with a wide range of safety features including sensors on the top and bottom of the lift car, in-car alarms, and a fire seal.

  • Capacity: one seated person

  • Half height door, open car design

  • Subtle automatic interior lighting

  • Easy to use illuminated internal controls

  • Door interlocking safety mechanism

  • Power Door

  • Internal Seat

  • Can customise the size of the lift by special request

  • Custom colours available, or custom decals

  • Remote controls (manual as standard)


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