Essential Straight Stairlifts

Aesthetic design make the lift fit into any environment

The Essential stairlift is one of the easiest ways to stay in your home and enjoy the freedom of barrier-free living. Installed on your stairs, in only a few hours, the stairlift carries you smoothly and quietly up a straight flight of stairs. The Essential stairlift is uniquely compact – with the slimmest fold-up dimension on the market at only 270 mm wide – to allow easy access to the stairs when the lift is not in use.

With safety features including a retractable seatbelt, overspeed governor and obstacle sensor system, you can count on your stairlift. Finished in soft white with an unobtrusive design, the Essential blends easily into your home décor.


Main advantages

  • Ultra slim folded size of only 270mm– the smallest profile on the market to keep the unit out of the way when not in use

  • Quiet and smooth-riding operation from the rack and pinion drive system and retractable seat belt

  • Battery operated with built-in charging so the chair can be used several times even through a power failure

  • LED status lights to advise you of any issues

  • Swivel and lock seat at top landing for added stability getting on and off the chair

  • Unit can be installed on either side of the stairs (reversible)

  • Comfortable and durable seat with width-adjustable arms up to 51cm wide and 140kg loading capacity

Essential - Technical Specification

  • Loading capacity: 140 kg

  • Stair angle: 33 - 55°

  • Lifting speed: 0,08 m/s

  • Motor: 24V DC, battery driven

  • Drive system: Rack and pinion

  • Fold-up width: 270 mm

  • Fold-out width: 520 mm

  • Power supply: 1 × 230V / 50–60Hz