Portable Motors

  • Light & Compact

  • Powerful, lifts up to 182 kg

  • Durable, gets you through multiple lifts between charges

  • Built-in spreader bar for Handi-Slings and built-in hook for SureHands Body Support

  • Manual control and/or control panel

  • Emergency down feature

  • Easy to use

  • Budget friendly


portable motor


  • Weight: 8 kg

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 182 kg

  • Length: 480 mm

  • Width: 210 mm

  • Height: 200 mm

  • Standard length of motorband: 1700 mm

  • Length of motorband outside motor: 1550 mm

  • Batteries: 3 x 8 V

  • Capacity of batteries: 3,2 Ah ea

  • Number of lifts with full batteries: 65 x with 100 kg over a distance of 50 cm

  • Motor cover composition: ABS

  • Acceleration and deceleration: Electric

  • Overhead rail composition: Aluminium alloy, white lacquered


Thanks to the integrated hooks on both sides of the motor and the swivel hook placed centrally at the bottom, the motor can be used with all Handi-slings or with the Body Support.

Choosing a Portable Motor

At A2B Stairlift Services Ltd our mission is to improve the quality of life for those with mobility challenges. In order to this, we believe that all carers must have access to helpful equipment and technology. Not only do our potable motors make it easy to move patients around various places but they help increase the safety for all involved. Carers and healthcare workers must use the correct patient handling techniques when transporting or moving a person with mobility issues. Our portable motors help to take the strain of heavy lifting reducing the risk of back pain and possible injury.