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Is a stairlift easy to use?
Most stairlifts are equipped with a joy stick. You simply move this to the left or right depending on whether you want to go up or down. Before you decide to buy, you need to be assured that you're satisfied with the operation and that you can use it easily.

Do I need a straight stairlift or one with a bend?
Please refer to the information block for which stairlift you need.

Does a stairlift fit on a narrow staircase?
Yes. There are a number of factories that make stairlifts especially for narrow staircases.

How long does the installation take?
Stairlifts are relatively easy to install. Generally speaking, installation is done within 1 day. If you have a stairlift that runs up multiple floors, then the installation may take a couple of days.

How long is the warranty?
Many companies provide 12 months warranty with the option of extending the warranty.

How much does a stairlift cost?
The price will vary depending on your wishes. Also, the price of a straight stairlift is different than the price of a stairlift with bend. To receive quotations free of charge, call us at ….

What happens during a power failure?
Most modern stairlifts operate on a battery. The battery is charged when the lift is at rest at the top or bottom of the stairs. In case of a power failure, this ensures sufficient power is present for the user to be able use the lift.

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