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For staircases that run in a straight line with no landings or corners, the Horizon Straight Stairlift is ideal for you. It features a single rail design and comes with a variety of seats, to convey a custom made stairlift resolution.

The Horizon comes in 2 models – Standard and Plus.

The Standard has a weight limit of 120kg (19 stone), with a slimline seat and all the vital structures to guarantee a secure and relaxed transition. A manually operated pivot allows you to safely turn the seat to face a landing at the top of your stairs.

The Plus model comes with Platinum’s ERGO seat and a higher weight limit of 140kg (22 stone). The Plus can also be enhanced to feature a powered swivel, in case you’re not capable of turning the seat.

The Horizon rail can integrate a hinge, so when not being used, the lift will not block any entranceways in the house.

Furthermore, the Horizon is an ideal choice for outdoor use – all Horizon models can be upgraded with an Outdoor kit, making them impermeable.


horizon stairlift
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For curved staircases with corners, landings, spirals or other bends, then you need the Platinum Curve. Custom made in the Britain and featuring our ground-breaking ERGO seat, the Curve is a crucial stairlift solution for you and your home.

Luxury, security and dependability come as customary on a Platinum Curve stairlift.

Households vary in size and dimensions; therefore the Platinum Curve Stairlift is designed to the precise blueprint of your staircase. However, people also come in various dimensions – the Curve lift has a weight capacity of 120kg (19 stone) but if you have a larger frame, our specially made Curve HD can support users up to 160kg (25 stone).

Ergonomic joystick
Seat swivel lever (powered option also available)
Arm-mounted digital diagnostic display
Lever linked footrest (powered option also available)
Variety of upholstery colours
Security key switch
ERGO seat (ERGO Plus seat available to optimise leg position)
Retractable reel seat belt
Safety edge sensitive footrest
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